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Re: Stopping USB drives from XY4 - Script

** Reply to message from Paul Breeze  on Sat, 31
Dec 2005 20:20:06 GMT

> This does not work with my Litestep menu system (though the run command is
> there), probably because I call up the Menu in a different way (and I don't
> have Windows Keys on my old IBM keyboard either).

Paul, when you say "I call up the Menu in a different way", it would help to
say exactly *which* different way! This is like contributors to Usenet forums
who, at the end of a long thread trying to solve a problem, say something like
"Never mind, I figured it out" or "Your idea didn't work, but I found another
way of doing it" -- and don't say WHAT they found or figured out! So: what
keystrokes, exactly, DO call up the Run command in Litestep? Also, it doesn't
matter whether your "old" IBM keyboard has the keys or not -- you're not using
your keyboard, you're using GoXy, and it can supply *any* key, whether it is
physically present on your present keyboard or not. Haven't got a ZOOM key?
GoXy can supply it.

If the script you devised works for you, great. But the conditional logic that
was present in my version is stripped in yours when you get to the second
"Stop" box. I thought that you were offered three device choices in that
second "Stop" box, and that the second choice (with "Ut161" in it) was the
device to kill. Looks to me like you're stopping the first device (on the
first line to appear) in that box, whatever it is, without checking to see if
it's the one you want... If you have a lot of devices running, as I do, that
won't be so great -- the order in which they appear may not always be the same.

Anyway, I'm having a near-impossible time visualizing what you have there, so
unless you want to provide screenshots of the several boxes... I give up.

Robert Holmgren