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Re: Using XyWrite file in Word and saving as text document

Reply to note from "Patricia M. Godfrey"  Mon,
27 Nov 2006 15:53:29 -0500

> Nail on the head again. Absolutely. The headers of each post
> contain a line beginning
> followed by a string of letters and numbers and punctuation
> marks, which nearly always contains a backslash; here's an
> example:
> A,I"!X_g"!20p!!\/_!!
> I suppose one of them may, purely by accident, be an RTF
> format.

Hmmm, SA/RTF isn't *that* sensitive. It simply SEarches the infile
(current window) for the string literal "{\rtf"; if found, it
assumes that the infile is RTF (switch /NV overrides that
assumption). Given the current thread, I was supposing that the
string "{\rtf" appears literally in the monthly e-mail file that you
were trying to convert. Doesn't it?

Carl Distefano