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Re: Question

JudyPCAI@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> I have an 800 page manual to convert from Pagemaker for Windows to MS Word 97
> complete with text and many graphics. I have been told that there is no
> direct import capabilities, but that XYWRITE can sit between the two and
> translate the document for me.
> Any help on this please would be appreciated.


I don't think good old XyWrite is the best program to act as an
intermediary between Pagemaker and Word 97. Does Pagemaker have, on its
save/as menu, the option of RTF. If so, that would be the way to go.
Word 97 will recognize RTF (Microsoft's Rich Text Format) and will open
it with few if any problems.


Leslie Bialler
Columbia University Press
> http://www.columbia.edu/cu/cup