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Re: Question

XyWrite is the best program I know of for cleaning up ASCII files.

I convert documents among HTML, WordPerfect for Windows, bibliographic
databases downloaded at the library, etc. I usually convert them to ASCII,
as an intermediary or final output. They often require some cleaning up.
(Carrier returns, blank spaces, etc.)

At 03:32 PM 2/19/99 -0500, Leslie Bialler wrote:
>JudyPCAI@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>> I have an 800 page manual to convert from Pagemaker for Windows to MS
Word 97
>> complete with text and many graphics. I have been told that there is no
>> direct import capabilities, but that XYWRITE can sit between the two and
>> translate the document for me.
>> Any help on this please would be appreciated.
>I don't think good old XyWrite is the best program to act as an
>intermediary between Pagemaker and Word 97. Does Pagemaker have, on its
>save/as menu, the option of RTF. If so, that would be the way to go.
>Word 97 will recognize RTF (Microsoft's Rich Text Format) and will open
>it with few if any problems.
>Leslie Bialler
>Columbia University Press
>> http://www.columbia.edu/cu/cup

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