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RE: Hallucination or possibility?

Robert Holmgren writes:

>Frankly, my only hesitation about releasing XyShell is utter dread of
>having to support it! Also, users must install IBM Rexx (free under
>OS/2 and Linux, but US$49 under Windows).

So Robert, why not release a beta to some of us on this list?

> *direct* pasting and copying from/to the system clipboard, or direct
downloading of
>Email into a XyWrite window,

The way I handle this, as mentioned before on this list, is through a
macro-making program called Macro Express, along with some simple routines
on the Xy side. It works well enough, but it ain't fast (windows echo open
and close on screen), and it was a devil to get started with (you have to
constantly throw in wait times in your macros for all those windows to open
and close).

I for one would be more than willing to try out XyShell--and I promise to
throw it away before asking you to support it. I'd risk the $49--though I'd
be happier to see you getting the financial gain than IBM. But I'd need
your advice on where to get IBM Rexx for Windows--I assume the install is

Peter Brown