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Re: Hallucination or possibility?

Steve Webber  wrote:

>  Am I just hallucinating or might it in fact be
> possible today to: while "in" Xy4 enter my
> Yahoo e-mail, then this Xywrite forum, then read,
> enjoy, perhaps respond to a daily posting, send it,
> then exit this forum and Yahoo to turn to other
> (Xy)writing delights?

Probably I'm missing something here, but what would be the advantage
of reading your e-mail *within* XyWrite as opposed to reading it in a
mailer? For writing a reply, yes, I can see that using the tool you
normally write with is attractive. I actually had a setup once
(home-made, not Carl's) that would with a few keystrokes let me
export a selected message from my mailer to XyWrite and then
re-import the answer I had written, but given the volume of e-mail
these days, I simply don't bother any more and do everything within
the mailer. And this particular "forum"--thankfully--by design is a
good old-fashioned mailing list anyway, intended for downloading your
mail and perusing it at leisure on your own system using your own
mail-reading setup, and then later uploading any contributions you
might have. It is not a web site where you do things on-line
(although it might appear that way to you if your e-mail paradigm is
to log on and do everything online).

As for having the delights of XyWrite at one's fingertips while doing
other things too, whether on-line or off, I've got a great program
for you: DesqView, oops, I mean DoubleDOS, oops I mean VM386, oops I
mean Windows 3.1, oops I mean OS/2, oops I mean Windows 95, no 98, no
2000 (I've actually used or at least tried all of these at one point,
and they satisfied my multitask-master cravings to an ever greater
extent, albeit none entirely without their own particular pitfalls).

The XyShell that Robert describes actually sounds less enticing to me
than most of the above solutions, because (I assume) you would shell
OUT of XyWrite, do your thing, and then return to it. Why should I
want to do that, when I can have a plethora of things (including Xy)
going on at the same time?

Wolfgang Bechstein