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Re: Decoding and Mozilla (was Re: Enter Key / Selection by cursor)

** Reply to message from "M.C."  on Fri, 28 Jan 2005 14:30:49

> http://cvtinc.com/products/keyboards/stellar.htm

Yes, that _is_ the only picture of it on the CVT site, AFAIK. Very
unsatisfactory pciture, I realize. I'm saying that the Avant Stellar looks
_like_ the Ultras in the two URLs that I cited. And I'm typing on one now --
staring at it, comparing it to the Northgate pictures. Nearly identical,
except for the differences that I noted. (After all, CVT bought the Northgate
designs! So naturally they're identical.)

> The only problem is with secondary arrows (TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft,
> BottomRight). They aren't programmable.

Hmmm. The Avant Stellar is completely programmable, except for one key
(Right-Ctrl, whcih is used to reprogram manually).

Robert Holmgren