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Editing .exe and .com files

 Steve Carter writes, re BI=1:
 >Do you realize that this makes it possible to use XyWrite to edit .EXE
 >and .COM programs directly without all those "invalid formatting"

    Check this with one of the real Xy Gurus, but I'm fairly sure that
 you MUST NOT edit .exe and .com files with Xy, because Xy is not true
 ASCII, so that some characters that appear to be one-byte on the screen
 are actually three-byte, or even five-byte, characters "underneath"  (which
 you can see by using either Debug.com or list.com in hex mode. The point
 is that when you SAve in Xy, it may change something that was a one-byte
 code to the Xy three/five-byte equivalent. Or, e.g., a hex 0D (Carriage
 Return) might get saved as an 0D0A pair. Or, you might think you were
 entering a one-byte character when you weren't.
    Any verification, gurus?
   Harry Binswanger
   P.S., maybe it's safer if your editing is restricted to the
 portion of .exe or .com files (e.g., the error messages).
&;W    Zv