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Re: Question

On 2-SEP-1995 15:57:35.8 xywrite said to LESLIE319
  >On Sat, 2 Sep 1995, m wrote:
  >> Why not just use the command line, Jim? It's a lot faster.  But
  >seriously: > I believe that the file it's looking for is part of the
  >"Filters" > subdirectory. Did you install the conversion filters when
  >you loaded the > program?

  >That's what I've done for years. But...with projects proliferating and
  >subdirectories metasticizing and brain cells dying, I would like to be
  >able to point and shoot; my brief flirtation with WP/Win, pardon the
  >expression, convinced me of the usefulness of that function.

  I understand.

  >The TEXTIN.FLT file was missing from my 4.014 distribution disks. I
  >ran an install, and it wasn't there. Someone on this list was
  >able to provide me with the missing file, though; it cured part of the
  >problem. But the OPEN dialogue box still won't remember to sort by
  >date. I've played with the .dlg file, as per instructions of another
  >list member, but no go so far.

  Hmm and hmm . . . maybe you still have to set the default
directory displays in startup.int? I'm not sure about that one.



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