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RE: La Machine Est Morte, Vive La Machine!

>Other than that, I have yet to find any program (including
InDesign and
>PhotoShop) that doesn't run splendidly on the 32bit OS.

I am baffled by this remark as I find myself, daily, speedily
running out of resources on Win 7-64 with 16 GB RAM. Subjectively,
I found moving from 32 to 64 increased speed. I find that both Win
7-64 and Win 8-64 get bogged down easily. I sometimes wonder if
this is related to my insistence on continuing to use Eudora, a
program which now really does need an update it will apparently
never receive.

[HB:] The difference must be due to something other than that
between 32bit and 64bit Win7. I keep about a dozen items open on
the task bar and often have 20 or more tabs in Chrome--no problem.
Now I do use a plug in for Chrome that takes memory away from
inactive tabs:"T abMemFree
Lower RAM and CPU consumption by parking idle tabs"

I am using a Lenovo laptop X230. And I'm running 3 external
monitors! I know you spoke to resources, but with regard to speed,
I love my SSD.