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Re: 3+/4 screen fonts in Win98 [was: MSWord Print]

Wolfgang Bechstein wrote:

> For full screen DOS, even under Windows, I use a wonderful program
> called Ultravision which gives me a wide range of fonts that look much
> better than the ordinary DOS font. Unfortunately, it is somewhat
> hardware dependent, and even more unfortunately, it is orphaned and not
> findable on the web, as far as I know. (I have a commercial version
> dating from 1992.) I successfully got Ultravision to run under Win 95
> and Win 98 on a generic desktop with a vanilla video card (sorry, no
> details now) as well as on two Compaq laptops, one with an 800x600 TFT
> and one with a 1024x768 TFT screen. Currently, I am using it on an HP
> Omnibook with a 15-inch 1400x1050 TFT display. I wouldn't consider
> working in full-screen Xy without UV, since my work involves typing and
> staring at the screen for many hours a day. I think there are also some
> pre-Windows utilities for tweaking DOS screen fonts out there, but since
> I have no need for them (thanks to Ultravision), I don't have any
> details.

Does this mean that the _same version_ of UV could service either laptop or
desktop systems ? (Depending on the hardware, as you indicated.) I ask
because this utility was often listed as "laptop UltraVision." Also, I
it was a DOS util., which probably suggests it would work under OS/2, and the

two versions of Win you mentioned, but not necessarily later versions of Win.