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Re: 3+/4 screen fonts in Win98 [was: MSWord Print]

"J. R. Fox"  wrote:

> Does this mean that the _same version_ of UV could service either laptop or
> desktop systems ? (Depending on the hardware, as you indicated.) I ask
> because this utility was often listed as "laptop UltraVision."

Yes, I am using the "full" version of UV on the laptops I mentioned. I
know that there was also a dedicated laptop version (with a more limited
font selection) but I never had to resort to that, since simply porting my
existing UV installation to the laptop worked.

> Also, I thought it was a DOS util., which probably suggests it would work under
> OS/2, and the two versions of Win you mentioned, but not necessarily later
> versions of Win.

I indeed had problems with it when I tried it under Windows 2000
Professional, which is one of the reasons I reverted to Window 98 SE for
my day-to-day work. I think if one is using a lot of "legacy" programs,
one is better off with that version of Windows, or possibly OS/2. XyDOS
certainly can be made to run under Win NT, 2k, XP, as well as Linux and
Macs (or so I gather), but nitty-gritty DOS utilities beloved of dinosaurs
such as I are the first to go (and I won't let them).

Wolfgang Bechstein