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Comparative speed Xy-Dos vs XyWin

Robert, Carl,
thanks for have answered and completed the question I posed.

> Test 3 would not run in either Xy4-DOS
> (Error #18, not enough memory) or XyWin (Protection Violation,
> crashed session)

I rerun the test 3, and yes, XyWin went in "Protection Violation" also on
my PC. I repeated the test many and many times, with marginally different
options in effect (that is: autocheck on or off, autocap on or off, hy=1 or
0, ju or nj, etc), to find which could be the configuration in effect at
that time when XyWin successfully ended the test: but no attempt did
produce positive effects. This is incredible, as I did not make any
permanent modification to the configuration of my XyWin (xwstart and
xwset), nor I changed my way to work with it.
May be some hidden mysterious aleatory parameters are influencing the

Adriano Ortile