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Re: Xywrit.ico

Gregory Braun has a freeware Windows program called Icon Extractor that might be useful to someone wanting to design their own XyWrite icon. Icon Extractor allows you to . . . uh . . . extract icon images from various types of files and save them to the Windows clipboard. It won't allow you to edit them (use a graphics program for that), but at least if there's an icon CLOSE to what you want, you can extract that an then manipulate it--i.e., it's easier than recreating it from scratch.

Find Icon Extractor at http://www.gregorybraun.com/IconEx.html

Version 3.4 (at the top of the page) is the newest version and is shareware for $25; version 1.3 (at
the bottom of the page) is FREE.

Icon Extractor for Windows v1.3

Icon Extractor for Windows is a freeware utility that
loads and displays the ICON resources found in any
file and allows you to select icons to be saved as
individual ICO files.

You can also copy selected icons directly to the MS
Windows Clipboard. From here they can be pasted
into documents or other graphics applications for

Icon Extractor reads DLL, EXE, ICO, ICL, IL and NIL
icon file formats. These are the most popular icon
library formats used with MS Windows.

Requires: MS Windows v3.x [or higher]
Download: ICONX.ZIP (45K Bytes)
Price: Free

--Timothy Olson
(630) 784-5327