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** Reply to message from "Fred Weiner"  on Wed, 26 Apr 2006
10:00:38 -0700

> Would appreciate some help with RJH's excellent XY4DOS WILDCARD frame.

Actually, WILDCARD is CLD's frame (Carl L. Distefano). But, no matter...

> ... it comes up fine. Press the keys corresponding to
> the wildcard options and there they are. Press  which
> I assume returns us to normal processing, and what happens
> is cursor repositions into the
> text window and the WILDCARD activity remains active!

I can't reproduce that. When I hit Escape key, the routine quits (the *real*
Escape key, not some reassigned or relocated Escape key -- which would be a
*very bad idea*). Maybe you are not operating in the UNSHIFTED state? In
other words, if you have the CAPSLOCK or NUMLOCK or some other shifting key ON,
it's not going to work. This frame is perhaps a little more sensitive to the
keyboard state than it needs to be... I suggest that you change the single
instance of "VA$SC" to "VA$KC", then LOADHELP (to SAve your edit and
reLOAD U2), and then try that. Let us know.

Robert Holmgren