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Re: Quark solution questionable

≪ > Just in case anyone was planning to use this technique, I
 > learned today that--at least for one client--in the process
 > of importing the file, Quark undoes the boldfacing and the
 > Quark operator has to use my hard copy as a guide to rebold
 > everything by hand.

 Ridiculous. Quark is doing nothing of the sort. Your client isn't
 importing it right. ≫

Unfortunately for all concerned, many technoweenies (a.k.a. Systems
Administrators) see a "legacy" program like XyWrite as not worth bothering to
accomodate. If it isn't Windows-compatible 32-bit code, they think, it must
be no good. Earlier versions of Quark could import XyWrite, and some simple
programming makes it work with the recent versions. Because of other demands
frequently made on the good folks at tech services, though, the trend is
toward out-of-the-box compatibility ... which means using Microsoft's
one-size-fits-all programming model.

This would be a good project for The Technology Group, or for someone to
develop as a shareware "plug-in" for Quark.

Rant adjourned.