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Re: ot- buying a new name brand pc with xp

Daniel Say wrote:
Then, your recommendation is for the "buckling spring" model. Am I right?
Manuel Castelao
	Only if you have tried it and nearby people
can stand the clackety clack. They are heavy. Many people don't like hauling
	them around.

	Some people like lighter keyboards. I grew up
	on heavier keyboards with more action so my fingers
react differently on softer keyboards and make more errorrrwss.
Thank you very much for your information. In my case, I like the "clackety clack" very much. As stated in a previous message, it's a safe sign of a successful pressed key and then it reduces mistakes without any doubt. In fact, the Omnikey/Plus has the best layout design but I always missed the IBM "click". The only missing feature in the Unicomp keyboard is the duplicated Home-Arrows-Page down section because it's very handy to have the Home key close to the Up-arrow key and so on.
Best regards,
Manuel Castelao