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Re: Global Subroutines II

David Auerbach wrote:

> Ultravision may just be the oldest (unrevised) piece of software
> currently in use on my machines! Can't see how its abandonment matters.
> That was certainly an almost ideal product at the right time.

Opinion seconded. I am also a happy (and heavy) user of
Ultravision and certainly will continue to be for as long as I
use DOS programs. Another
'abandoned' yet very servicable piece of software on my hard disk is
Magellan. And if TTG decides to abandon XyDOS, I'll just keep on
using that, too (not that I'd want them to, but de facto, it may
already have happened).

Wolfgang Bechstein

Technical translator            Japanese / English /
Sakura, Japan          Tel 81-43-461-5911 Fax