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Attached, I hope, is letter with request for information. My
name: Barbara
Carlson-- Barcar243@xxxxxxxx
Dear Xywrite Fans: I need to get organized for a writing project,
and am thinking Filemaker Pro might be the answer. But if I get it for Windows, = can
I transport files from XY3.5 into it? If I get it for DOS, would it be as
useful since everything seems to be windows? Here's what I
have--a 486 computer, Windows 3.1 or whatever it is, good old DOS Xywrite.
 Without going into tedious details, I want a program where I can
check things or people by different attributes--for example, I
would like to be
able to look up Mary Smith and find facts about her under year,
city, marriage, profession, etc., and I would also like to look
up New York and

1984, for example, and find Mary Smith and Joe Brown. Am I making
myself clear? But I would also like to be able to move
information back and fort= h from the database to the word
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I am Barbara Carlson, a freelance writer, and my e-mail address
Barcar243@xxxxxxxx. Thanks.