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Re: R: xy windows and WYSIWYG display of margin

I think the real default setting in question is
this one (copied from my .dfl file)

; O1 specifies how XyWrite handles screen/printer font mismatches in
graphic view (0=use printer font widths and do error correction between
words; 1=use printer font widths and do error correction between
characters; 2=use screen font widths and do error correction at the end of
the line)
DF O1=2

At least, modifying this setting is what causes margin behavior to vary.
The effect only seems to occur with TrueType fonts.

At 09:55 AM 15.12.98 -0500, you wrote:
>Peter Evans claims that XyWin is not WYSIWYG because
>"there's no effort to represent justification." I was so
>surprised that I went back and checked. My copy of XyWin
>4.12 represents justification as nicely as one could want.
>As for certain fonts spilling over into the right margin, I
>haven't seen it, but I may not be using the wrong fonts.
>It may be relevant that in my default file I have the
>default OD=4 set to show the offsets in graphics mode only.

Emery Snyder