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Re: Puzzling lack of F8: The Answer!

Thank you all for your suggestions. I've solved both the F8 and the F12
problems--and only the latter is Xy-related.
F8: the culprit is a seemingly unrelated program in my bootup StartUp
folder (not to be confused with Xy's startup.int). The offending program is
"UltraMon" which makes using dual monitors a teensy bit more intuitive. It
puts a taskbar (if that's the right term) at the bottom of the second
monitor. I can easily live without UltraMon.
F12: this was the one that I only noticed after working a long time on F8:
the keystroke was picked up in Xy (testing with IDKEY.PM) only every third
time I hit the key. I think this one is interesting: I thought the .kbd
file had the null assignment after its scan code: 88={255}{cr-lf}. Turns
out I had the three-byter for {255}--i.e., {255}{46}{46}. I must have put
it in using the alt-shift way of getting ASCII assignments (i.e., NN,2 NN,5

Harry Binswanger