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Legal pleading paper, etc.

I'm a new member of the list, but I started using XyWrite 3 when I
bought my first PC in 1985. I currently use XyWin with Windows 98 on a
Toshiba Satellite 2595 (Celeron 400/64 MB). My printer is an HP
LaserJet 4P. I work as a lawyer in Eureka, California.

I apologize if my questions have been asked and answered before, but I
have not been able to find those answers in my searches through the

1) In California's trial courts, we are required to print motions, etc.
on "pleading" paper with a column of numbers double-spaced on the left,
two solid vertical lines running from the top to the bottom of the page
just to the right of the column of numbers (constituting the left margin
for the text) and then a single vertical line running from top to bottom
on the right side of the page (the right margin). Other California
lawyers will know what I am talking about, and I suspect something
similar is used in many if not most other states. My question is, has
anyone developed a macro or program to insert this graphic (I assume it
would be a frame or border of some sort) automatically on each page. I
know the big two of legal word processing (Word and WordPerfect) have
this feature built in somewhere, and now that I have found this
community of faithful XyWrite users, I hoped maybe someone out there has
figured how to incorporate it into XyWrite documents. Anyone?

2) I have seen this question asked but not answered. Footnote numbers
are superscripted but always print out the same size as the regular text
(even though they appear on screen in the smaller superscript size). I
would like the footnote numbers to print out in a smaller size,
especially when I am placing a footnote on single spaced text. It seems
to me one could make this adjustment in a prior version (perhaps Xy4),
but I can't figure out how to do it with my current program. (The
ability to handle lengthy briefs and same page footnotes was my original
reason for buying XyWrite.) Anyone?

3) I have also seen my next question asked but not answered. Does
anyone know what causes Protection Violations and what can be done to
avoid them? All I have seen in response to past queries is that they
are a fact of life. Mine have occurred most often when trying to edit
or adjust the length of pages with footnotes or when running the default
saveget [F2-x] for changing a soft date to a hard date (I now use the
SFH command in XYWWWEB.U2). I will note that total freeze-ups are less
frequent and less disastrous under Win98 than they were under Win95.
Also, sometimes a few carriage returns will make the Protection
Violation go away. Someone suggested to me that this is a memory
problem, but it seems odd since XyWin is not a memory hog and sometimes
it happens with a one or two page document and nothing else running.

4)  Finally, when I try to search my disk for list of files with a
given filespec using the FIND command, my computer freezes up. This
only happens on my new Toshiba laptop, so I suspect it involves some
conflict or other problem with the Toshiba system. (I also have a new
custom desktop with similar specifications, and it delivers a full list
of files almost instantaneously). The Toshiba will execute the command
if I put a backslash "\" in front of the filespec, but then I will get
an incomplete list. Does anyone know anything about this?

Thanks for reading through to the end and your input on any of these

      John Cumming
      Eureka, California