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Re: Legal pleading paper, etc.

> 1) In California's trial courts, we are required to print motions, etc.
> on "pleading" paper with a column of numbers double-spaced on the left,
> two solid vertical lines running from the top to the bottom of the page
> just to the right of the column of numbers (constituting the left margin
> for the text) and then a single vertical line running from top to bottom
> on the right side of the page (the right margin)... I hoped maybe someone
out there has
> figured how to incorporate it into XyWrite documents. Anyone?

Two techniques you might consider:
1. Use the CT command: set up each page as four columns, put the numbers in
the first, use ASCII linedraw characters 179 and/or 186 to form the vertical
lines in the second and fourth columns (with a macro to insert the right
number when you start a new page), and type your text in the third. It would
be simple with an old monospace font; with proportional fonts you would, I
think, need to use a larger font for the linedraw characters to fill in the
gaps made by the line leading of the text
2. Probably better: use the PI command, and get your printer to generate the
vertical lines. You specify them as extremely tall, extremely narrow
rectangles with 100% shading; the escape sequences for this should be listed
in an appendix in your Laserjet manual. They won't show up on your screen,

> 2) I have seen this question asked but not answered. Footnote numbers
> are superscripted but always print out the same size as the regular text
> (even though they appear on screen in the smaller superscript size). I
> would like the footnote numbers to print out in a smaller size,
> especially when I am placing a footnote on single spaced text. It seems
> to me one could make this adjustment in a prior version (perhaps Xy4),
> but I can't figure out how to do it with my current program. (The
> ability to handle lengthy briefs and same page footnotes was my original
> reason for buying XyWrite.) Anyone?

In Xy3 at least, the fonts for superscripts and subscripts are specified in
the PT tables of your printer file - you can pick any size you want. Do PT
tables still exist in XyWin?