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Re: v112 U2--just to clarify

Quoting "M.W. Poirier" :
>  Look, I don't want this to be interpreted as any sort of criticism
>  of slight of any kind, but will it still be possible to add routines
>  to the new version of U2?

Yes, of course, you'll still be able to add any program you want to U2. Equally
important, you'll be able to transfer any existing personal programming as-is,
without alteration or adaptation. Just CoPy it into U2 and issue LH to
reload U2.

The only thing that will change under the new release is the location of User
Variable data -- the system info., customization preferences, etc. that you
supply to routines that require or allow it. Instead of being stored in the U2
file itself, this information will reside in a separate Registry file
(XYWWWEB.REG), a text file that you can edit and SAve, like any other XyWrite or
Nota Bene file. The separation of user data from code will make life easier in
two significant respects: inputting user data and installing new releases of U2.
 Everything else will stay the same: there will be complete backward
compatibility with existing code (yours and ours).

And please don't worry about criticizing or slighting us. We're thick-skinned
New Yorkers; we thrive on constructive criticism. So speak up, be blunt, fire
away.... Above all, enjoy!

Carl Distefano

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