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Re: Accents (in U2)

At 1/1/2003 05:32 PM -0500, Robert Holmgren wrote:

U2 accents works fine (Ver. 110; yes, I plan to upgrade.). I misread the instructions and later realized you were offering a number of alternatives. (All I have to do is cmdline "accents" and hit my U2-key to get the accents menu). However, I need the o/O macron for Romanized Japanese. I get (in draft mode) [238]followed by an epsilon; in graphics, and in print, a superscript underscore in its own space (a line with nothing under it). I know there's no macron-o/macron-O in the character set, so this is an illegal macron-o, as you say. Is that the way you intended it to look, to serve as a kind of space holder for hand editing?
Michael Norman