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Re: Accents (in U2)

** Reply to message from michael.norman@xxxxxxxx on Wed, 01 Jan 2003 20:43:33


> I know there's no macron-o/macron-O in the character set, so this is an
> illegal macron-o, as you say. Is that the way you intended it to look, to
> serve as a kind of space holder for hand editing?

I never intended "o macron" to be used, or attempted. Never even gave it a
thought, because "o macron" (like b caron and g tilde and hundreds of other
combos) just doesn't exist. There is no effort to block illegal keystrokes; my
assumption was that it would be quite evident when user error occurred, because
the naked accent keystroke would simply blow right through the PRiNter file
(which controls everything) onto the page.

Possibly you can get the printer head to back up a space (PrinterInsert
command) and then just put a macron char over "o"...? PI commands mess up
flush right, but they work with some printers.

Robert Holmgren