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Re: New XyWrite release

>Neither is a longer loading time much of an issue. I load XyWin
at startup >and leave it there (occasionally using it, too!)
More important is the >document loading time and the program's
"memory footprint." I have found

  I too load XY at startup, and only startup once a week or so,
since my machine runs continuously, but then I do startup up
other sessions of XY at odd times almost daily, since it is also
my editor for Yarn, my off-line reader, and for FM2, my file
manager. Those waits were annoyingly long, even tho it was a
stripped down session with no menus, helps, etc. Now with
16megs of RAM, and a Cyrix 5x86 running at 120mhz it isn't so
much of a bother. Of course, that's with XY, not XYWIN, which
would take much longer to load. I would think XYWIN would
probably be unusable for those extra sessions of mine -- and a
newer longer loading one totally unacceptable for those
  But, as others have said, a lot of people use both versions at
the same time. I'd certainly like to beta test the new version to
see if it compares with Describe in utility.

-- Harmon Seaver hseaver@xxxxxxxx hseaver@xxxxxxxx

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