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RE: Calling Files Sequentially

** Reply to note from Jack Shafer  Fri, 6 Jun 1997 09:31:57 -0700
> My goal is to call DSORTed files sequentially. Nathan suggested the ca
> *.* wildcard followed by contro-shift-alt N, but told me to sort files
> with Norton first. It would seem to me that XyWrite should be about to
> do this without the assistance of Norton, no?

Are you saying that you want to _automate_ the CAlling process when you're
staring at a DSORTed DIRectory display? If so, a small program or even keystroke
macro will do nicely. You could write something more elaborate that would do
the whole thing in background -- according to your requirements and your skills.
But func EN EditNext (which, I presume, is what Nathan said was on
Ctrl-Alt-Shft-N in his keyboard) decidedly won't serve; EN adheres to an
F,E priority which, AFAIK, can't be altered. I don't think that Norton
will be able to affect the order of EN's calls, no matter how you rearrange the
operating system's FAT table. XPL is the solution.

Robert Holmgren