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Re: My XPL advice required

Carl Distefano's answer to my problem about inserting a word count into a
file as a text string was (of course) just what I needed, with one small

I reported that I was getting crazy word counts. Carl explained:

>Recall that  has a dual function: after a WC command, it
>returns the Word Count; after a CHange command, the number of
>changes. The problem with your routine is that you're not executing
>a WC command before saving the VAlue of $WC. Those crazy "word
>counts" are no doubt the results of the last search-and-replace
>operation you performed! The solution is to move the cursor to TF
>and execute BC wcXC (or BX wcQ2 , if you're in Xy4). Only then are
>you ready to record >.

(I should have suspected something along these lines, because the crazy
word count (a) never appeared the first time I ran the routine after
booting up XyW, (b) was always a smallish number, such as 11 or 15, and (c)
was not infrequently zero.)

However, when I begin the routine by executing BC wcXC, I get an onscreen
message which has to be cleared by hitting the Any key: not a serious
problem, but a nuisance all the same. I've kludged my way around this by
inserting BC es 1XC at the beginning of the program and BC es 0XC at the

The same Any-key problem arises if I use Carl's BX wcQ2 instead of BC wcXC.

Eric Van Tassel

P.S. I do use Xy4, but I never think of using the BX...Q2 route instead of
BC...XC, even though it's more elegant and occasionally has actually been
the solution to XPL problems. I guess I don't *completely* trust BX...Q2
because I can't see what's happening: is this irrational attitude on my
part a response to the pathological secretiveness of MS Word?