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New Downloads

The following new files or updates are available for
downloading. For more information on each, order the updated
version of CATALOG.DOC from LSTSRV@xxxxxxxx.

TEXT FILES, available by email from the list server:

CATALOG.DOC         update

NRI.SCR           update, Catalogue of periodicals in
the Needham Research Library, XXBUG-encoded

XXBUG.SCR          Package of files for XXBUG-
encoding. Turns any binary file (including zipped groups of
files) into ASCII. Can be decoded with DOS DEBUG program, so
can be sent to people who do not have a decoding utility

BINARY (ZIPPED) FILES, available from the EAAN anonymous FTP
CATALOG.ZIP         same as above

If you are unsure of how to download, consult the message you
got when you subscribed. If you do not have a copy, let me know
and I will send you one, if you will agree to keep it this time.

-- Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104-3325