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Win95 draft font

Hi. I've been having a horrible problem with Xywrite for Windows 4.12 and
Win95. In DRAFT MODE (and expanded mode), Xywrite uses an
inappropriately small font. In the past, Xywrite would change to
the proper font after I opened some directories in the Win95
Explorer, but now, that has stopped working. We are talking
about 8415oem.fon, I think. But Xywrite insists on using what
looks like a 7-pt font rather than the proper 11-pt font. If you
have any ideas, I would sure appreciate hearing them. I've been
working with Xywrite for about 12 years. It's a great program,
but the bugs are maddening.


Michael Manove

Michael Manove    Tel. 617-353-3299
BU Economics     Fax. 617-353-4449