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Re: Ignorant keyboard question

RRR writes:
≪ What I need is a static file list. The file in
question I might not access for a while, and then again a
lot. I always come back to them, but I might do totally
different things in between. ≫

In other words, you want to maintain a file consisting of
a "static" (but editable) list of filenames and assign to
a key a routine that will display that list on demand,
allow you to cursor down to the filename you want, and,
on pressing Enter, ABort the file list and CAll the
selected file? The notion that you'd have to throw up
your hands and use Note-whatever to do this is derisory.

Any number of people on this list could write such a
routine blindfolded with one hand tied behind their back.
Unfortunately, both my hands are tied at the moment, by
work. Anyway, since you'd probably want to build Xy3
compatibility into your routine, there are likelier
candidates for the job. Someone might even be willing to
guide you through the process of writing it yourself,
should you be so inclined.

Carl Distefano