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Re: Ignorant keyboard question


I do this all the time, in Xy3. I created a help file, which gives me a
menu, as Tyson explained.

I hit F12 and get a type 0 help screen , which offers me a choice of 6
menus. Then I choose a menu, and it offers me a choice of as many
selections as I want to crowd into the screen. I use it to call up my
latest file, my frequently-used files, and I also use it to launch macros
-- for example, to call up my letter file and create a letter template, or
to call up a Sidekick-like "Notes" file, cursor down to the end, insert the
date and time, and let me write a note at the end of the file.

The main disadvantage of this is that the original help file is no longer
accessable easily, though it is accessable. I programmed ctrl-F12 to give
me the old help file, and alt-F12 to give me my menu help file back again.

It *was* complicated because there are lots of little traps that can screw
up the help file, and it took a bit of debugging. When I set it up I was
doing a lot of XyWrite reprogramming, most of which I've forgotten. I'll
figure it out and tell you more if you're interested.

You probably couldn't do it unless you have a copy of Tyson's book to
explain it.


At 09:37 AM 1/12/01 +0900, Yo Intl. wrote:
>Can somebody give me an idea how to insert what should be a simple function
>into the keyboard?

>What I would like to do is program one key in such a way that it gives me a
>directory of some often used files and then lets me chose one of them;
>similar to the "Favourites" function in NoteTab.

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