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Re: BX dangers

** Reply to note from harry@xxxxxxxx Sunday 14 Dec 1997

>>> In Xy4DOS XPL programs, sometimes BX doesn't work right...

>> Harry, put a func FF (screen refresh) in front of "BX sortQ2 " and your
>> problem disappears.

> Thanks, Robert, it does indeed solve that problem.

> Further question: will putting a FF before the BX solve the problems I
> have been having with searches and replaces with BX?

Hey, we Iraqi waiters have all kinds of time on our hands here. All that
time you guys spend eating and going to the doctor, we play with XPL.

How about reproducible examples of your problems? Better yet, why don't
YOU take a stab at refreshing your screen before hitting the Help
button? It ought to take you about half the time it took to pen your query.

Robert Holmgren