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Re: BX dangers

Harry Binswanger wrote:
> In Xy4DOS XPL programs, sometimes BX doesn't work right. I am used to
> it not working right in SEarches and Change Invisibles, but I just
> found out that it can be disastrous in executing a SORT command.
> The otherwise identical program with
>   BX sort Q2
> instead of
>   BC sort XC
> neatly lops off the last item sorted. Rather disastrous if you are,
> say, sorting a customer list.
> Regards,

Thanks Harry! I have found so many instances where BX Q2 doesn't work properly
that I have gone back to BC XC for just about every routine I wrote. The speed
gained by use of the former is offset by the number of times it fails to operate
properly. When you use it, there ought to be a virtual Clint Eastwood icon in the
background asking you if you feel lucky.


Leslie Bialler
Columbia University Press