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Re: 0ff-Topic: Ink-Stained Wretch


Apologies for an off-topic question. My newspaper needs to know:
Where did the phrase "ink-stained wretch" originate?
Google has been no help.

You could try the Stumpers-L list - it was set up by reference librarians as a place to ask questions that have stumped them; but non-librarians are welcome to use it. I've got answers to a couple of hard ones that way.

Here's the address and instructions for subscribing:

Send the in the body of the message SUBSCRIBE STUMPERS-L
and that is all to the following address:


It is not necessary to add your name or email address after
SUBSCRIBE STUMPERS-L, the program gets it automatically from
your FROM: field.

MAILSERV will reply with an automatically generated message that you
have succeeded or failed. You may explicitly tell MAILSERV which address to subscribe by adding it to the command.


Mary Bernard