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Re: Accents (in U2)

Haven't tried this yet, because I'm trying to find an appropriately
mnemonic key to load the macron to that isn't already being used by
something I don't want to loose or switch. But it looks as if not having
the accented character somewhere in the Xy character set may pose a
limitation. I was hopeful I would be able to produce acute-accented
ligature ae, which I need for ecclesiastical Latin, but no go. The acute
accent works fine for all standard letters, but once I try to put it on
something I need to enter with CTRL+ALT and the number pad, they come out
separate. On the other hand, superscript underscore (or superscript
hyphen for that matter), backspace, letter SHOULD work. Let me try it on
my old dot matrix printer, which doesn't choke on backspace the way
lasers and ink jets sometimes do. Have you tried printing things that
don't look right on screen and see if they print correctly?