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Re: Running XyWrite III+ under Cygwin


I'll bite. What on earth is cygwin?

L Anderson wrote:
> Anybody in XyW-Land played around with running XyWrite under Cygwin on
> Win 98, 2K, XP, whatever? I've started looking at XyWIII+ under Cygwin
> on Win98 and run into a few glitches, but before expending a lot of time
> investigating them, I thought I'd ask if anyone had plowed the same
> ground. If so, would you kindly share your experience, knowledge, etc.
> Thanks in advance
> Lowell Anderson
> Seattle

Leslie Bialler, Columbia University Press
61 W. 62 St, NYC 10023
212-459-0600 X7109 (phone) 212-459-3677 (fax)