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CPM>DOS? (Wordstar>XYWrite?)

  I had a Kaypro with a modem, and some later models came with an
internal modem--Kaypro 4, I think. Sending WordStar files from
home to an office computer running DOS was routine for me in the
late 1970s/early 80s.
  I used Laplink to transfer files from the Kaypro to my first
IBM AT. If you can't find your copy of Laplink, I'll lend you mine.
Can provide either 3.5" or 5.25" diskettes.
  Best bet probably would be to boot your machine from a DOS diskette
containing Laplink. If your hard drive uses NTFS, you'll first need to
transfer the Kaypro files to 3.5" diskettes, then reboot and copy them
to the hard drive. Otherwise, you should be able to transfer straight
to your hard drive. I'd suggest creating a separate directory before
booting from DOS. If you need a bootable DOS diskette, let me know.
  To covert the WordStar files to ascii text, or other WP formats,
use XyW's filters.
  If all else fails, use the Kaypro to make copies of the diskettes
and send the copies to me. I'm pretty sure I still have a program for
my 5.25" drive that will read various OS formats, altho I haven't
checked the condition of those diskettes for a l-o-n-g time, so the
magnetic data might have decayed.
Business Week