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A Couple Of Xy4 Problems

I've thrashed XyWrite 4.0 around for a week or so, and I'm pretty satisfied. A
couple of glitches, though, have popped up:

a) I am having intermittent trouble importing Word Perfect files through the
File-open As sequence. I get a cryptic "Out of Memory"`e{ror message, even
though I have as much as 330K memory free (as indicated by issuing F5 FUNC ME.
This only happens with SOME files, not all. The files in question are neither
very long nor very heavily formatted. I've been playing Telephone Tag with TG
Support for the last couple of days; no luck yet.

b) What is the limit on the size of the files sortable via the SORTD command? I
have a fairly large data file (80K) that has five fields totalling about 60
bytes per record. I want to extract certain fields (say, F1, F3, F4). When I
issue the command to sort and extract on a small subset of the file, it works
fine. However, if I apply the task to the entire file, I get ALL records (not
just F1, F3, and F4) extracted, and an extra field separator (tab, in this
case) at the beginning of line 2 and subsequent lines. Any ideas?