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A new version of OODLES.ZIP is posted; 31 sample routines appear in OODLES.LIB.
OODLES.PM is an XPL program that permits the user to collect unlimited programs
in one or more Libraries, and run them from any table and key in the .KBD file,
or directly from the command line. A minor revision to OODLES.PM enables user
to access secondary libraries from a single copy of OODLES.PM, using .KBD-file
programming(!). The new version of OODLES.LIB (6/28/90) incorporates fixes for
several old routines, as well as new routines (e.g. BOOMULT.PM, a
multi-file/multi-text SEarch PrograM that enables BOOlean simple-$tring logical
operators OR, AND, or NOT, and can open up to 8 windows at found locations
while continuing to execute; see also the related BOO.PM in OODLES.LIB).

A maintenance release of XYWPMKIT.ZIP will be posted in a few days.