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Re: Help!

I think it takes more than just editor.exe. I'm no pro but I'm sticking my
oar in here because of the members of this group are way ahead of me, and I
usually can't follow their advice. From your message I assume you're close
to my level of expertise, so we should be able to talk.
I'm running xywrite in Windows XT now, but I have run it (the same way) in
Windows 98.
I have a directory \xy in my drive, (not in windows, this is a root
directory). There's some peripheral stuff there but the important goodies
are editor.exe, keys.kbd (my custom keyboard, the trick that makes xywrite
worthwhile) startup.int and A.sgt (where my savegets are stored.

The real trick is in startup.int. Here's a copy of mine:

ÿ?default bk=0
ÿ?default SL=40
ÿ?default pl=58,60,56
ÿ?default ej=1
ÿ?default kc=256,200
ÿ?default lm=0
ÿ?default rm=80
ÿ?ldkbd keys.kbd
ÿ?ldpm c:\xy\count.prg,&C
ÿ?load c:\a\andy.spl
ÿ?load c:\a\dict.spl
ÿ?ldsgt A.SGT
ÿ?CM d,w,p
ÿ?cd \A
I'm not sure what the funny y-with-dots and the squares are -- they're windows' interpretation of xy's "control code" -- which means they are orders to the program. In case it's better, I'm attaching the file and you can see if it works.
If you have a book you can figure out what the default settings mean. If
not, write me.
I've moved xy from machine to machine several times with discs and/or a usb
key, with no problems. If all else fails, I could send you a cd -- but I
hope it won't come to that.

Good luck. Write me if you're still stuck, and no one else can help.

andy turnbull
----- Original Message ----- From: "Leslie Savan"
Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2010 10:36 PM
Subject: Re: Help!
All you need (probably) is a fresh copy of EDITOR.EXE. Just copy it
from your flash drive.

OK. But how do I copy it and where do I copy it to?

Well, I just plugged in the flash drive, and, to my surprise, there was
nothing that read "EDITOR.EXE." There was EDITOR with an icon that looks
like a monitor (when I put the cursor on it, it reads: "Type: Application.
Size: 177KB").
And there was a second EDITOR, with the icon of the colorful, puffy letters
MSDOS. When the cursor is on this, it reads: "Type: Performs text-based
(command line) functions. Size: 2.76KB." I tried to click this one on, and
again got the message:
     "This program requires more conventional memory. Unload drivers
or memory-      resident programs that use conventional memory, or
increase the value for Minimum Conventional Memory in the program's Memory
property sheet."
Now I'm wary of clicking on the first EDITOR (177KB) even on the flashdrive, because by clicking on EDITOR.EXE on my C:drive is what caused EDITOR.EXE to
disappear, leaving only EDITOR.BAK.

What to do?
----- Original Message ----- From: "Carl Distefano"
Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2010 9:37 PM
Subject: Re: Help!

Reply to note from "Leslie Savan"  Sun, 31 Jan
2010 18:06:30 -0500

> in a fit of late-night curiosity, I started snooping around on
> the C: directory and called up EDITOR.EXE. What seemed like
> merely a page's worth of symbols came up, nothing like the
> roughly 181,000 bits that were listed on the directory. If I
> remember correctly, I wasn't able to store it by ST or SA, and
> had to abort it.

All you need (probably) is a fresh copy of EDITOR.EXE. Just copy it
from your flash drive.

Carl Distefano


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