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Xy3+ 'settings' files


≪You can create a SETTINGS.DFL in Xy3 as well -- just make sure that
it's loaded, sequentially, AFTER the regular printer file, so that any
inconsistent settings in the printer file are overridden by

Am I correct in thinking that one could put vitually any settings in a
file, possibly but not necessarily called SETTINGS.DFL, and load it in
startup.int in Xy3? As I recall, exitor.exe does not require file
extensions, such as .prn or .kbd, but rather that the operative function
in startup.int is LoaD, e.g., "ldkbd x:\[path]\[file]" or "ldprn
x:\[path]\[file]". So, if we were to put some other 'settings' in
another file and load them in startup.int, what command would we use
(given that "ldkbd" and "ldprn" are already loading something else)?

Is there any preferred sequence as far as loading *.PRN or *.KBD?