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Hi, Paul,
  Noticed your note about converting ASCII-13. I uploaded an archive to the
files section with some XPL programs I wrote to handle the problem.
  Originally the only way I found was to use the character generation facility
of LONG or SHORT.HLP, and ADDLFOLD.PGM demonstrates this approach. But I
learned some tricks from reading Robert Holmgren's essay on control characters
in XyWrite and have been able to rewrite the program so it no longer needs a
HLP file loaded.
  ADDLF.PGM will convert lone ASCII-13 (bare CR) to pairs of ASCII-13, ASCII
10 (CR-LF). It also removes lone LFs, which sometimes show up in computer
systems with Telex ancestors.
  Also in the archive is TEXT.PGM, which does all of the above and deletes CRs
at the end of lines unless followed by another CR or a space, or a line of
separators like --- or ***. I use TEXT to massage stuff I'm importing into
XyWrite, such as logs of BBS sessions.
  I've seen your messages here since I subscribed to the XyQuest BBS last
month and have been meaning to write.... Don't know if you remember, but we met
while traveling for our newspapers. I recently shifted beats (to
energy/environment) ... busy, fun, but I miss seeing the RNA crowd.
  Best wishes. -- Jim Franklin, Boston Globe