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 -> > The ER on the search for "odd" exits the program with a pleasant
 -> > message. One could have any number of additional exits for the
 -> > various "odd" problems.
 -> >

XY-> Hey, I tip my hat to you! Yours is much more "fail safe."

XY-> Regards,
XY-> --Leslie--

Thank you! But I think the real credit goes to the XyWrite
programmer(s) that devised such an amazing word processor and
programming language. Some person really had an excellent idea of
what was needed and wrote it. (And if that person were still
around, I doubt whether he'd have removed the "Oooooops" error
message from the XyWrite EXE.)


P.S. I could go into long, long raptures about XPL.

 ? SLMR 2.1a ? Art + write + dtp = chet.gottfried@xxxxxxxx