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RE: XyWrite Word Macros

Mr. Holmgren said:
> Any chance you could just attach them to a public msg?

I'd be happy to do that, as long as everyone is happy with the 14K 
attachment. I guess my question is, how big is too big to assume it's 
o.k. without asking? Is there some protocol on this point?

 >From what I've seen to date, 14K is small enough not to ask about in 
advance. So here it is. But I'd like to hear what people think/know about 
the netiquette for attachment sizes. Thanks.

Caveat: These macros are very basic. They handle things like MDBO (bold), 
MDRV (italic), MDUL (underline), FN1 (footnotes), MDI* (insertions), MDD* 
(deletions), and so forth. There are a lot of things they don't cover. If 
there's something you want that they don't do, let me know and I'll see 
how hard it is. In general, xy2word conversion is a lot easier to 
engineer than word2xy, even within MSWord, because Xy's formatting is 
transparent (like HT/XML), while Word's is obfuscated. (For instance, it 
is very easy to convert Xy redlining to Word redlining within MSWord, but 
I have found no way to make the reverse conversion -- Word doesn't allow 
programming access to the redlining/revisions characteristic of the 
text.) In general, these macros are good for very simple formatting 
needs. For more complex translation needs, I would heartily recommend the 
external, stand-alone filters.

The attachment is a MSWord document template with the macros in it. Open 
the template in Word and read the instructions. Let me know if you have 



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