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re: languages, unicode, adzes

" . Suggestions for
" directions one would like to see TTG take could well raise the one idea the
" company never thought of but eventually may take--but if responses jump on
" the suggestion as an excuse to grind yet one more ax, there goes the
" discussion. .
" ---
" Dorothy Day			
" School of Library and Information Science
" Indiana University
" day@xxxxxxxx	
	My ax, will TTG support multiple language spell checkers
	at the same time?
	Will XY5 mesh with Unicode, or doublebyte codes for the
	major oriental languages, seeing that our fellows in Japan
	use xy3/4 for translations?
						D. Say

 p.s. working with 5 librarians, and it isn't specific to their
profession, they don't use Windows except as a Novell terminal
window to III (Innovative) full-screen pages. They don't have
that much interest in the other tools in their PCs. Different
skills, different minds, different interests.