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Re: languages, unicode

On 23-APR-1996 08:31:24.7 xywrite said to LESLIE319
  >I agree with Wolfie that users ought to have a choice of IBM or ANSI
  >character set. Locking the old one out is not a good move in an
  >application that sells itself largely on customizability.
  >On the other hand, changing the file format does not bother me *as
  >long as it remains ASCII.* To be more precise, it would be a great
  >improvement if it *became pure ASCII,* without the present bothersome
  >I would be delighted with a format in which each tag had a
  >corresponding tag turning the feature off (like using MD-IT after
  >MD+IT in the current version). That would greatly simplify
  >conversions, including that to HTML. I believe KF's list of new
  >features specified something of that sort.
  Nathan et al.,

  Note that the latest version of Word for Word, 7.2, has filters for HTML.
  It will convert XyModes and XyStyles to that format. And Adobe has
purchased Mastersoft, so you can get it from them, of course, on a CD that
contains not only Dos, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Mac, and Unix versions, but
also Docucomp and a File Viewer. As always, you can do a full install or
put only those filters you want up on your hard drive.


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