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Re: Ignorant keyboard question

** Reply to message from "Yo Intl."  on Mon, 15 Jan 2001 00:18:09 +0900

> >Do you use Stack? If so, it would be simple to pre-Stack, via
> >STARTUP.INT Macros, the names of all your favorite files, wherever

> I have no idea what Stack is


Command history stacker. Keeps all your commands from current (and
previous) sessions. Holds about 200 commands. "Pops" them onto the
CMline with hints, or you can scroll up and down through the stack.
Isn't stupid like the built-in XyWrite command stack, or the Windows'
DIRCMD TSR, which repeats the same command over and over, as many
times in a row as you issued it (really skilled programming by those

Robert Holmgren