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Re: Win95 draft font

>Hi. I've been having a horrible problem with Xywrite for Windows 4.12 and
>Win95. In DRAFT MODE (and expanded mode), Xywrite uses an inappropriately
>small font. In the past, Xywrite would change to the proper font after I
>opened some directories in the Win95 Explorer, but now, that has stopped
>working. We are talking about 8415oem.fon, I think. But Xywrite insists on
>using what looks like a 7-pt font rather than the proper 11-pt font. If you
>have any ideas, I would sure appreciate hearing them. I've been working
>with Xywrite for about 12 years. It's a great program, but the bugs are
>Michael Manove

    I have had great success running Xy4DOS in a DOS window
with Win95.
I call it in my Win95 Start Up folder and leave it there
(minimized or not) throughout my Windows sessions. I can even run
it in that ugly WYSIWYG mode if I should ever lose my senses and
want that.
Harry Binswanger hb@xxxxxxxx